Testing technology

Testing technology

Durable and efficient.

The LFTR 1 functional test stand offers an application-based testing environment for thermal relays for
• Incoming goods inspection
• Functional testing
• Life cycle tests

This is how eaw Relaistechnik ensures the quality of its own production and offers interested parties a test platform as a complete installation.

The LFTR 1 is used to determine the electrical life cycle with 100% monitoring of the functional safety of the thermal relay.


  • Ability to record electrical operation and service life values relevant to the standard
  • Test conditions in line with EN 60730-1
  • Application-based test environment
  • Fully automated, autonomous operation
  • Optional central, computer-aided administration

Examples of use

  • Functional testing
  • Service life testing

Facts and figures

  • AC/DC measurement (230 V / 24 V) up to a 16 A load
  • Temperature range from -20°C to 150°C
  • Simultaneous operation in independent testing processes

For measuring:

  • Voltage in load circuits
  • Load current
  • Contact resistance
  • Switch head temperature
  • Freely selectable temperature

For determining:

  • Switch temperature
  • Number of switching cycles
  • Switching hysteresis
  • Contact resistance

It is also possible to manage up to 8 units from a central control unit.

Testing technology
Testing technology